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Helping sufferers of ME and CFS find their lives

What is ME? ME (commonly known as "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome") is a systemic neuro-immune disease characterised by post-exertion malaise (a severe worsening of symptoms after even minimal exertion). It causes dysregulation of both the immune system and the nervous system. The effects of ME are devastating enough to leave 25% of patients housebound or bedbound and an estimated 75% unable to work.  ME affects 15 to 30 million around the world, yet this disease remains invisible and people are missing from their own lives.

WLMESH exists to help you find your life again.

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A Bit of Background

WLMESH was established in 1984 to help sufferers of ME and CFS across West Lothian. We believe that its possible, not just to exist, but to live with ME. By sharing our stories, we understand that we are not alone and by sharing coping strategies, we can each live the best life possible while we wait for remission or cure.

West Lothian Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Self-help Group (WLMESH) is a Charity Registered in Scotland No SC023544



Making A Difference


Sharing IS Caring

We meet together on the first Tuesday of every month at 1pm in the Newyearfield Farm Community centre, Hawk Brae, Livingston EH54 6TW.

You are most welcome at this informal event where we share our experiences with one another. You will learn that you are not alone and that others have exactly the same feelings of frustration, despair and at the same time hope for the future.

While food is not provided by the group, we can make tea and coffee and there are cafes and shops nearby that provide hot and cold food and drinks.


You belong

Membership is free. We do ask you to become a member so that we can store your contact details. This allows us to share exciting and fun events and information with you. We do not let anyone else see your details, ever.


Social life without  strings

We organise day trips and meals at local venues occasionally throughout the year. This helps us to bond socially and feel like we can participate in something normal.

For example: We organise a Christmas meal for sufferers and play games etc and we all have a laugh when the brain fog is so bad that we hand round christmas cards with the names missing because we cant remember peoples names.

Unfortunately, the average ME sufferer can never plan in advance if they will be well enough to attend but we understand. Tell us you would like to come in advance and then, if you cant make it on the day, it's no problem. You are not letting us down.


Me: I need to do a thing!

My Body: You did a thing yesterday. Thats enough things!

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